Executive Coaching

Paul Healing

Working in the aerospace, automotive, mass transportation, nuclear energy industries, as well as Public Services, Paul has developed an unrivalled expertise in Lean Transformation Strategy Development, business process redesign, leadership performance coaching and the instructional design of Lean culture change programmes in all sectors and environments. Paul is also a published author on Lean in the Public and Private sectors and is a keynote speaker at global conferences and seminars.

Ryan Ramsey

Leading strategically in the Military, Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction, Telecommunications and Third Sector, Ryan has unique skills in leadership and followership that transcends industries and sectors. These have been developed while leading a nuclear powered submarine, an offshore installation platform, as VP in a FTSE 25 and in the SME environment. Able to lever off his strategic and operational leadership experiences, he uses exceptional communication and executive coaching skills to enable others to achieve success. Skills and experience are underpinned by a variety of education including a MA, MSc and alumni of the Windsor Leadership Programme.

Gareth Lewis

Gareth was a senior leader within the Toyota Motor Corporation, where he was mentored and coached in Lean Leadership in Japan. With extensive skills in lean leadership, enabling improvement and culture change, he left Toyota and led as a Director in a global consultancy providing training in a variety of industries. In 2005, he founded Project7 Consultancy to provide a unique and bespoke solution product to businesses. With a passion for evolution, the company has grown under his leadership and delivers a high end solution to a variety of Blue Chip companies in a variety of sectors.