Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

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Why Train the Trainer?

A key skill that has been lost in industry over time has been the ability for businesses to train their own people in exactly the skill sets that are needed today to maximise the potential of their own business. This Train the Trainer course will address this deficiency.

Our seasoned and experienced trainers come from world class organizations such as the British Military, Rolls Royce, and Toyota to name just a few. This course was designed to be specifically impactful based on established best practice and over 40 years’ industry experience. Our trainers will bring a time proven formula using Systems Approach to Training and Training Needs Analysis to work with your cross functional team to analyse your needed skill sets and then train your people to have the confidence to present world class training.

Modules include:

  1. Psychological Safety and Emotional Intelligence.
  2. Systems Approach to Training.
  3. Person Centred Learning
  4. Training Needs Analysis.
  5. Lesson plan construction.
  6. Presentational Skills
  7. OJT
  8. How to avoid ‘Death by PowerPoint’

This is a 3-day practically based training where the students will quickly be given the confidence to stand in front of a class of their peers and teach with fluency. Get ready for a wild ride!

Anyone that is called to stand in front of individuals or classes to present in-house information that is needed to optimise your business will benefit from this training.

  • You will be able to analyse your business training needs and design training to meet your needs.
  • You will be able to conduct training gap analysis and design your Training and Enabling objectives.
  • You will be able to present with confidence and be impactful in the transfer of knowledge.
  • Become a viral resource for learning in your organisation.
  • Drive value to the bottom line by the optimization of your people and their skills.

Cost of Train the Trainer

This training is only offered for in-house locations.

Cost for the 3 days is £900 + vat per delegate for a minimum of 5 delegates.

Prices in instances with less than 5 delegates by arrangement.

Classes over 12 to 16 delegates see the last 4 delegates trained at no cost.

Equality & Diversity
Project7 provide committed equal opportunities for all, regardless of sex, gender, marital status, civil partnerships, physical status or any disability, racial or ethnic origin, nationality, creed or religious belief, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy and maternity or employment status.
Access Arrangements & Special Considerations
Should you have any access requirements and/or special considerations (e.g. disabilities, injuries or special educational needs etc), we will take every endeavour to ensure we can accommodate this. Please contact Andy Sargent to explain your requirement and we will make the necessary arrangements for you.