Total Productive Maintenance Training (TPMT)

Total Productive Maintenance Training (TPMT)

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TPMT is a unique 10 day offering from Project7 based on decades of experience delivering operational and reliability improvement in military defence capability and civilian manufacturing reliability. This proven experience will optimise your machine reliability and Overall Equipment Efficiency to drive value to your bottom line and from within your current resource.

TPMT is essential for any business that is focused on a journey of Manufacturing and Operational Excellence. Research has shown that:

  • Maintenance costs can be 15% to 40% of the total cost of manufacturing
  • 30% of maintenance expenditures are wasted
  • Equipment availability in some industries can be as low as 50%
  • Actual cost of a breakdown can be 4 to 15 times the cost of maintenance
  • Poor maintenance directly impacts quality
  • Poor maintenance increases warranty costs
  • Poorly maintained equipment increases energy costs
  • Poorly maintained equipment accelerates depreciation costs
  • TPM is essential in maximising OEE

The biggest cause of these inefficiencies is lack of training, understanding, and application of the 8 pillars of TPM and its proven methods to increase machine uptime and thus productivity.

This course is designed to provide production and engineering teams with a deep, systematic, and practical understanding of how to apply TPM strategy and practice across their facilities.

With the knowledge and practical skills they will learn on TPMT, your team will be well equipped to drive down your business costs and increase production.

TPMT is customised to meet your needs as we expand on the 8 Pillars of TPM giving all your personnel a thorough understanding of Autonomous, Preventative and Predictive maintenance strategies, and also the Leadership and Cultural changes needed to make your TPM program successful and sustainable.

This hands-on training uses the power of Participatory Action Research in Teams; a proven methodology that puts the creation of new learning and problem solving in the hands of the learner creating empowerment, engagement, and self-sustaining solution.

TPMT will include an Autonomous Maintenance event on a piece of client equipment to immediately put learning into practice and bring you ROI.

Training is followed-up with coaching to ensure the autonomous maintenance event is completed and sustained.

TPMT training is designed for all personnel who directly impact machine reliability:
Maintenance technicians
Production and Maintenance Leaders
Plant Engineers

TPM training will bring your teams together to operate with a common focus in leading and building a culture of reliability that will drive Overall Equipment Efficiency and provide immediate ROI.

TPM training will build the competence and confidence of your personnel, which will drive down cost, and increase personal and facility productivity.
Providing your team with expert training shows commitment to their development and confidence in their ability, we find that this improves employee retention and workplace satisfaction.
Employers see a fast ROI as delegates quickly begin to implement their knowledge and start driving costs down and improving productivity.
You will see improvements in machine availability and reliability which provide greater predictability and agility on the factory floor.
TPMT will also give you a strategy to beat the industry wide problem of making better use of a diminishing pool of qualified and experienced maintenance personnel whilst building operator engagement and empowerment.

Cost of TPMT

Cost £300 per delegate per day, minimum 6 delegates per course. In instances with less than 6 delegates we charge our flat rate of £1,500 per day + VAT. Group or 1 to 1 coaching is at our flat rate of £1,500 per day.

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