Performance Leadership System (PLS)

Performance Leadership System (PLS)

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Why PLS?

Based on our extensive experience across the highest performing operational environments, we have distilled the essential lean leadership skills, characteristics and behaviours that are essential to promote high performance leadership of Lean.

This training has the advantage over traditional yellow and green belt training as it turns delegates into Lean Leaders who immediately take their training onto the shop floor to deliver results and ROI.

With PLS we have codified the essential strategic lean leadership skills and behaviours into teachable, sustainable culture and processes that repeatedly demonstrate businesses success.

Due to its exceptional performance, PLS was selected in 2017 by the Rolls Royce initiated Aerospace Industry Improvement Consortium ‘Sharing in Growth.’ This strategic training has now taught over 500 delegates promoting both jobs and increased revenue. This selection was largely based on our success and experience across the highest performing operational environments.

PLS will make the strategic leadership of Lean Manufacturing a part of your culture that will in turn drive down costs and provide a focused path to increased productivity.

PLS, is 7 days of practical training that enables leadership to build the necessary Lean culture, strategy, and deployment of Lean methodology and tools, to be able to execute a world class program to drive to operational excellence. The 7 days of training can be consecutive or in two day increments after the one day introduction as required by the business leaders.
Training modules include:

  1. Role of the Leader
  2. Defining Values, Mission, and Vision in Business Culture.
  3. Policy Deployment
  4. Visual Management Deployment
  5. Daily Management Systems
  6. Problem Solving.
  7. Change Models.
  8. Additional Customisable modules as required.

The hands-on learning elements in PLS use the power of Participatory Action Research in Teams, a proven methodology that puts the creation of new learning and problem solving in the hands of the learner creating empowerment, engagement, and self-sustaining solution.

Delegates will be coached in the practical application of these skills in real business opportunities that will bring immediate change using the proven tools and methodologies taught on PLS.

PLS is aimed at your senior leadership team and enables them to understand their personal role in defining Lean stratergy, building and sustaining a professional Lean leadership inventory and how deployment of that inventory dictates the success of Lean for their people and their business. Leaders who have benefited from PLS include:

  • Managing Directors
  • Plant Managers
  • Operations Directors
  • Program Managers
  • Manufacturing and Production Managers
  • CFOs
  • COOs

PLS is a proven stratergy for improving business potential. Leaders and teams benefit by becoming become part of the top 20% of winning companies echoing the success of brand leaders such as Toyota, Rolls Royce, Airbus, Hilton Foods etc. At the end of training you will be able to

  • Build a corporate Lean Strategy and culture.
  • Practically put Lean stratergy into action.
  • Excel in your role as a Lean Leader.
  • Implement Lean tools to drive your business.
  • Lead complex problem solving using Lean.
  • Lead high performance teams through a coaching culture

Cost of TPMT

Cost: £300 per delegate per day, minimum 6 delegates per course. In instances with less than 6 delegates we charge our flat rate of £1,500 per day = VAT. Group or 1 to 1 coaching is at our flat rate of £1,500 per day

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Equality & Diversity
Project7 provide committed equal opportunities for all, regardless of sex, gender, marital status, civil partnerships, physical status or any disability, racial or ethnic origin, nationality, creed or religious belief, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy and maternity or employment status.
Access Arrangements & Special Considerations
Should you have any access requirements and/or special considerations (e.g. disabilities, injuries or special educational needs etc), we will take every endeavour to ensure we can accommodate this. Please contact Andy Sargent to explain your requirement and we will make the necessary arrangements for you.
Plagiarism, Collusion & Cheating
Project7 and ILM take Plagiarism, Collusion & Cheating very seriously. There are several different definitions of plagiarism, all of which share the common notion that it covers using someone else’s work and ideas and presenting it as one’s own. Plagiarism is defined by JCQ General and Vocational Qualifications Suspected Malpractice in Examinations and Assessments Policies and Procedures as: “unacknowledged copying from or reproduction of published sources or incomplete referencing”. Under JCQ practice plagiarism does not include collusion or copying from another learner in an examination. These are defined as different forms of malpractice. Project7 defines plagiarism as presenting another person’s published work as your own. Project7 will not include paraphrasing under the definition of plagiarism unless a large, unacknowledged piece of work is submitted. However, Project7 will count direct, unacknowledged translation of foreign text as plagiarism. As a result, Learners must confirm that the work they submit is solely theirs by signing a “learner declaration statement of authenticity”. This will be provided to you on day 1 of your course and again when submitting the on-the-job improvement project assignment. Project7 will not accept work without a signed declaration. Learners must confirm the work produced is solely theirs. Work without a signed learner authenticity statement will not be accepted. Our policy on Plagiarism, Collusion & Cheating is available on request.