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Lean Leadership & Management Academy

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Experience what some of the worlds top organisations are doing to accelerate their Lean & Structured Continuous Improvement programmes. Gain the Leadership Edge.

One current client reports an ROI of £62K per student which is why we have now trained over 120 of their employees.

This ten-day ILM accredited course is aimed at senior and middle managers to improve their abilities to operate functionally and contribute to the strategic thinking and direction of their organisation.

It will equip delegates with the core knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to work effectively as leaders and managers to aid the creation of a lean/continuous improvement environment and culture.

The Lean Leadership & Management Academy is a unique offering by Project7. It has evolved as a result of over 20 years’ experience in evaluating all the factors affecting leadership, management and business performance. Our intensive academy is focused on redefining the standards that frame our working relationships, and empowering every participant to challenge themselves and each other.

Daily continuous improvement and waste elimination is part of the quality improvement process. Project7’s Academy for Leadership and Management is designed for executives, leaders and managers across all functions in any business sector.

This academy is accredited to ILM level 5 Vocational Related Qualification Certificate in Leadership & Management 8607-21.

It will provide leaders with the necessary knowledge, lean skills and behaviours to be effective in their roles and to make a full contribution to implementing the organisation’s business plans. The academy will focus on leadership, problem-solving and team motivation. The training is practical, participative, fun, and links back to the workplace environment to enable delegates to apply their learning in practice.

The Lean Leadership & Management Academy is a 10-day immersion into lean that allows managers to shift their focus, approach and mindset. The academy is divided into two 5 day segments with a short gap in between (as shown in the course dates above):

Focus: Immersion in lean leadership and engaging their people

Structure: Framework for lean management system

Ownership: Involving teams in daily CI

Discipline: Developing the winning habits of lean management

The following modules are covered:

  • Module 1: Waste
  • Module 2: Tiered Visual Performance Management
  • Module 3: Strategy into Action
  • Module 4: Continuous Improvement
  • Module 5: Role of the Leader
  • Module 6: Standard Operations
  • Module 7: Coaching
  • Module 8: Process Confirmation
  • Module 9: Process Mapping
  • Module 10: Value Stream Mapping
  • Module 11: A3 Reporting/Thinking
  • Module 12: Project Management
  • Module 13: FMEA
  • Module 14: Assignment Review

Following the 10-day classroom-based training, each learner will complete a 24 week improvement project in their place of work. This will enable the learner to put their training into practice and apply their learning back into their business areas.

An appointed Project7 assessor will visit the learner to assess their project against its deliverables and 8607-21 requirements.

Following successful assessment, the learner will be awarded a certificate in Leadership & Management 8607-21.

Lean and structured continuous improvement has evolved beyond the manufacturing sector and progressed into the entire business arena. From office and service industries to construction, engineering and local government. To get the most from a lean program you need to understand how it all fits together, the philosophy, the strategies and systems that eliminate waste, and the thinking, behaviours and leadership that ensure consistent and sustainable gains.

The curriculum contains a balanced mix of practical, theory, and real-world learning around the systems of lean leadership.  If these course dates don’t work for you right now and you would like to express your interest in a future course, or would simply like some more information, then please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

“A very enlightening two weeks, great focussed information, excellent discipline of procedures and knowledgeable facilitators. – Thank you.”
Kamal Dequiuec,
General Manager, Princess Food
“The practical sessions were great as it clearly supported the subjects discussed and changes your perspective on how we currently do things.”
Riaan Kleinhans,
Retail Manager, South West Trains
“Going forward, I would strongly encourage any individual to go through the P7 LLA, whether I’m with my present employer or elsewhere, I will always be very positive towards this approach and the course.”
John Bilisland,
Change Manager, Network Rail

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Refreshments and Lunch will be provided and included in the price. Should you have any specific dietary requirements please provide details in the registration.

Equality & Diversity
Project7 provide committed equal opportunities for all, regardless of sex, gender, marital status, civil partnerships, physical status or any disability, racial or ethnic origin, nationality, creed or religious belief, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy and maternity or employment status.
Access Arrangements & Special Considerations
Should you have any access requirements and/or special considerations (e.g. disabilities, injuries or special educational needs etc), we will take every endeavour to ensure we can accommodate this. Please contact Andy Sargent to explain your requirement and we will make the necessary arrangements for you.
Plagiarism, Collusion & Cheating
Project7 and ILM take Plagiarism, Collusion & Cheating very seriously. There are several different definitions of plagiarism, all of which share the common notion that it covers using someone else’s work and ideas and presenting it as one’s own. Plagiarism is defined by JCQ General and Vocational Qualifications Suspected Malpractice in Examinations and Assessments Policies and Procedures as: “unacknowledged copying from or reproduction of published sources or incomplete referencing”. Under JCQ practice plagiarism does not include collusion or copying from another learner in an examination. These are defined as different forms of malpractice. Project7 defines plagiarism as presenting another person’s published work as your own. Project7 will not include paraphrasing under the definition of plagiarism unless a large, unacknowledged piece of work is submitted. However, Project7 will count direct, unacknowledged translation of foreign text as plagiarism. As a result, Learners must confirm that the work they submit is solely theirs by signing a “learner declaration statement of authenticity”. This will be provided to you on day 1 of your course and again when submitting the on-the-job improvement project assignment. Project7 will not accept work without a signed declaration. Learners must confirm the work produced is solely theirs. Work without a signed learner authenticity statement will not be accepted. Our policy on Plagiarism, Collusion & Cheating is available on request.