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Talent Management & Leadership Development

Managers & Leaders require different skills and traits. Constantly assessing the skills of your Managers & Leaders, versus the challenges they face is a prerequisite of growing and evolving your business for the future.

Project7 work with Global organisations to strategically develop their Managers & Leaders as part of a succession planning strategy.

This means that we will constantly assess the skills that your Managers or Leaders possess vs the challenges they face.

Our goal is to foster environments where your people become experts. In order to achieve this, your Managers & Leaders must have a high-level of skill, whilst regularly facing high-levels of challenge.

This development pathway (from novice to expert) is the ultimate goal of Talent Management and Leadership Development.

Increasing capacity in your organisation means removing waste – doing more work with the same amount of people.

Increasing capability in your organisation means planning a journey of discovery and insight for leaders of the future.

  1. Step one: Prepare me by sharing the compelling case for change – the vision and the method to get there – the strategy.
  2. Step 2: Demonstrate the required tools and behaviours in a safe learning environment, let your leaders practice to develop confidence – show me.
  3. Step 3: Let your leaders execute the learned tools and behavioural standards on the job, in the real work place, in real time, with real people. Support this initial deployment with coaching at the shoulder of the practicing leader.
    Step 4: Once a standard of performance has been achieved, we then ‘process confirm’ through GO LOOK SEE, using the P7 seven-step model.
  4. Once your Managers & Leaders have the capacity and capability to undertake the P7 Way to a consistent standard, only then will you truly have ‘Great People’ and real development has been achieved.

Great People supported by excellent processes will deliver world beating performance. We know this.

The P7 Way can be your way. Contact us now to begin your transformational journey.