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Process Confirmation and Go Look See.

Process Confirmation is the key to sustainability in any change programme.

Go Look See (GLS) ensures Leaders regularly spend time with the real people, observing real processes in real time to understand the real barriers to performance improvement.

Project7 Global Performance Improvement Specialists each have a minimum of 10 years coaching experience, founded on the principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS).

TPS principles, together with a structured Go Look See schedule, is the glue that holds the Tiered Visual Performance Management System and Short Interval Control / Performance Dialogues together.

When we coach your Leaders in routine Process Confirmation checks, they will quickly develop the ability to employ cycles of Improvement Experimentation (following the PLAN DO CHECK ACT model). Our goal is to assist your Leaders to engage more people in solving smaller problems – more frequently – lower down the organisation.

When the (physical) Visual Management System is combined with robust Performance Dialogues, a unique opportunity arises for Leaders to begin coaching.

Project7 promotes a different type of coaching, one that involves ‘Candid Conversations’. The purpose of a ‘Candid Conversation’ is to maintain focus, ownership, structure and discipline, through the use of a linear questioning process called TGROW.

  1. Theme = the topic to be discussed as a focus point
  2. Goal = the required condition or target and why it is important
  3. Reality = the current gap between the goal and the personal or team performance
  4. Options = at least three options from the condition owner to try and solve their own problems through new thinking
  5. Will to commit = closing the cycle by agreeing when the selected option will be put in place, in turn generating a close out Process Confirmation GO LOOK SEE!
Project7 have a Process Confirmation and GLS toolkit that has been proven in major Global Blue Chip organisations.
  • Process Confirmation T Card System
  • Process Confirmation Job Aid
  • Standard Diary, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual schedule of events
  • Process Confirmation Visual Tracker
  • TGROW Coaching Aids