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Short Interval Control and Performance Dialogues

Organisations need to develop strong leaders in order to turn strategic planning into sustainable increased performance. Leaders who undertake direction through The P7 Way are able to discuss performance professionally, competently and with confidence.

When performance is discussed in this way, at the shortest possible interval of control (SIC), we can achieve a lean daily management system that delivers a ‘social mechanism for candid conversations’.

The Visual Management Board in itself can act as a meeting place for performance dialogues and provides a structure for the meeting discussion. This includes:

  1. Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and People Metrics
  2. Key Performance Indicators, such as productivity and value
  3. Milestone or task completion for the tasks for the day, week or month
  4. Process Confirmation of any standards or quality checks that need to be completed during the day
  5. Any escalated items through the escalation system
Project7 can support the implementation of short interval control and performance dialogues within your business, along with the following toolkit:
  • Training needs analysis of target group
  • Baseline People Assessment of current skills and capability
  • Scripts and Storyboard for Day in the Life
  • Single Point Lessons for each meeting
  • Roll out master plan