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Tiered Visual Performance Management

Tiered Visual Performance Management provides the physical framework through which business strategy can be deployed – through each level of the organisation – and enterprise wide across all functions.

Tiered Visual Performance Management begins with the creation of a Strategic Visual Management Office (sometimes called a Programme Management Office or PMO). This will be the location for a monthly or weekly review of progress and includes; market analysis, strategy, SQDCP KPIs (at corporate balanced scorecard level), financial improvement tracking system and detailed project management documentation for each improvement initiative.

Project7 can support the design, manufacture, deployment and maintenance of these visual management systems through our Tiered Visual Performance Management System toolkit. We also offer behavioural coaching which is required to ensure sustainability.

Tiered Visual Performance Management System – P7 Way Toolkit

What is it?

  • Business Metrics Cascade Template
  • Financial Tracking Board for Improvement Projects
  • Project Management Document Suite
  • Functional Visual Performance Dashboards
  • Team Visual Performance Management Boards
  • Support Function Performance Management Boards
  • Virtual Performance Dashboard