Design And Delivery of Lean Academy


Our client, DB Cargo, is the largest rail freight haulier in the country; employing more than 3,400 people nationwide. DB operate freight and infrastructure services, as well as passenger charter trains, across the UK. They own and run the largest fleet of locomotives and wagons in the country, boasting over 300 diesel and 30 electric locomotives, and more than 7,500 wagons; from standard hoppers and open boxes to special wagons, for a wide range of freight.

The Head of Quality at DB Cargo, recognised the need to develop the Leaders of the business, in order to be able to drive Continuous Improvement, ensure the benefits of using the recently implemented Visual Management system, and deliver improved performance across all areas of the business.


With little time to allocate to the level of coaching required, the Head of Quality required support and additional resources to facilitate these improvements and developments.

Project7 intervened to design, deliver and coach a solution that would encompass:

  • A greater understanding of the Lean tools
  • A framework for setting direction and delivering results
  • A clear understanding of how Leadership behaviours create an environment for sustainable change
  • Improved knowledge of the Lean tools, capabilities and skills
  • An understanding of the need for greater problem solving capability
  • How to coach for improved performance


In late 2014, Project7 began a series of Go Look See visits to all areas of the DB business, in preparation for designing the course and its content. These visits were invaluable, as meeting people from all disciplines enabled P7 to truly understand the issues and problems experienced, first-hand.

The course was then carefully designed and delivered over two weeks, at a purpose-built Lean Academy facility. To date, Project7 have delivered 6 Lean Leadership Academies for 15 delegates per cohort.

Project7 implement a proven 4-step Knowledge Transfer process when designing and delivering Academy programmes.

The Lean Leadership Academy immerses Leaders into an intense and highly structured learning environment. Leaders are exposed to a number of different scenarios; from presentation of modules to practical application of the tools and behaviours required to deliver sustainable improvements.

At the end of the two-week academy programme, all delegates would leave with a project to deliver back in the workplace, utilising their newly acquired skills and knowledge. Project7 provided coaching support to these delegates in their quest to successfully complete the selected projects.

Impact on Performance